CHANGE…Not so much; obviously NOT!!

I’ve been known to use this current statement at the closing of each blog or status update, but on today I want to start with my final statement, “WHEN YOU CHANGE YOUR THINKING, YOUR BEHAVIOR WILL REFLECT IT!”

This morning while in the shower, I began to reflect on that statement and during that moment, I reminisced on my previous employment.  Most of my jobs in the mental health field for the past 6 years have been focused on dealing with delinquent adolescents and trying to change their behavior; 2 years working closely with them in a correctional facility and the other 4 years working with those who were on probation. And even though I worked over 100 miles away in another city, I still came in contact with some of the same youth who were incarcerated (because they were still in the system).  It wasn’t until I was able to go inside of the homes and work with the parents of these children that I realized one thing…..Regardless of the change in the thinking of the youth; in order for them to succeed, there needs to be a change of environment, a support system and accountability.


I love to say this statement, “We are all wired differently.” And the truth is…we really are!! I haven’t met too many people in my diversified life who eagerly embrace CHANGE! As a matter of fact, I would be bold enough to say I have not seen too many people who make DRASTIC changes….most changes are NOT so obvious initially; but eventually they will be noticed…which in turn may make it seem to the observer as DRASTIC!!


So I shared those few sentences to simply say while it is true, “WHEN YOU CHANGE YOUR THINKING, YOUR BEHAVIOR WILL REFLECT IT“….there may be times when you will have to CHANGE your environment in order to be consistent with your CHANGED thoughts! Some environments are not conducive to the inward changes you are making; furthermore, some environments would prefer to hold you hostage to how you used to be! When you sincerely want to CHANGE, assess your situation; assess your surroundings….you know whether or not your environment is uninhibited…if it is so; expand your environment to one that is limitless!  In the end, you are responsible for you and you have no one to blame for your success or lack thereof but the person you look at in the mirror daily!


Be uniquely you! Be brave! Be bold! Be courageous! The WORLD is longing for the person you were created to be! Remember, “WHEN YOU CHANGE YOUR THINKING, YOUR BEHAVIOR WILL REFLECT IT!” ~Pookie P


Spending Time vs. Wasting Time

Whether goals were set at the beginning of 2013 or whether they were set some time in 2012, one thing holds true….Goals are dreams written on paper or typed on an electronic device with a deadline and a certain level of attainability. In order for goals to be accomplished, one must have deadlines and maximize any time allotted to the achievement of that goal. Now here comes that word “time” and many people say, “There is not enough time in the day to do what needs to be done.” Well I beg to differ and I strongly believe there is definitely enough time in the day if one is diligent in prioritizing and planning ahead. With that being said, the little thought comes to mind, “Am I spending time or am I wasting time?” According to, “spend” means to employ (labor, thought, words, time, etc.) as on some object or in some proceeding; and Pookie P adds to that “with the implication of adequate return.” “Waste” means to emply uselessly or without adequate return. Therefore, one should do an evaluation to determine whether he/she is “spending” time on something that will help those goals be accomplished or whether they are “wasting” time on something that is not conducive to the attainment of those goals. It’s still early in the year and this is meant to help along the way. Remember, “When you change your thinking, your behavior will reflect it!” ~Pookie P

He’s a Statistic!!

Oftentimes we are accustomed to seeing the African-American male associated with negative statistics such as incarceration, high school dropouts, unemployment, high crime rate, drug distribution and abuse, absentee fathers, etc. I was told the survival rate for Sepsis is very low. Someone told me the survival rate is only 15%. While reading on the internet, I read an article where it stated 33% of patients diagnosed with Sepsis do not survive.  Well, regardless of what numbers are correct, I am grateful for my father being a STATISTIC and he falls in the category of those who survived.


The Timeline of the Miracle

Well, my Dad has been in the hospital since October 5, 2012 and today is November 29, 2012. Between this time he has gone from being in critical condition in ICU, to leaving the hospital and going to an extended care rehabilitation facility, to going back to the hospital, to being placed on Hospice, to being released from Hospice. I’m only going to give you the details of what happened from November 16, 2012 – November 28, 2012….So here goes…

November 16, 2012 – My Mom called me from my Dad’s phone and then she put him on the phone. In the middle of talking to him, he didn’t know who I was or where he was. I spoke to the doctor and she informed me of his condition and how things had taken a turn for the worse. She told me his blood was septic and poison had taken over his body….His bowels were no longer functioning and his organs were shutting down… She told me they would consider doing dialysis Monday, November 19, 2012 to remove excess fluid from his body…..I cried that night several hours; could not sleep

November 17, 2012 – I called but I was not allowed to talk to my Dad because he was not aware of his surroundings……I cried several hours that night and could not sleep

November 18, 2012 – I was the speaker at another church and I preached a message entitled, “If You Say So” and made this statement, “It’s turning around; not because I see it, but because I said it!” Still was not able to talk to my Dad

November 19, 2012 – Made it to Opelousas to see my Dad and he looked like he was suffering…He was swollen from the fluid and toxins and in pain; there was a tube in his nose to suck the bile out of his stomach…..(I know graphic, but you gotta see the picture)…. The doctor decided it would not be wise to try the dialysis because he would die in the process because his blood pressure was too low, his heart could not take it, and he would possibly bleed to death…. The doctor said she did all she could do. It would be up to God and she turned him over to Hospice Care….We tried talking to my Dad and he was in and out of consciousness; only able to talk maybe 10 -15 seconds at a time. You could look at his eyes and tell when he was here and when he was in a daze.

November 20, 2012 –  Hospice took over and that meant he was no longer receiving any medical care…just being made comfortable for his transition.

November 21, 2012 – My Dad held my hand and said, “I am ready to go to my spiritual home.”….I really cried then…


November 22, 2012 – THANKSGIVING – When my Dad woke up, his eyes looked different, like the old person I was used to seeing. He talked all day and was aware the entire day. He began to chew on ice chips and drink water. His bodily functions started working accurately with no assistance.

November 23, 2012 – Dad told me, “I believe I want to get up out of this bed and go for a walk. I will not be handicap all of my life. I will be able to do things for myself again”….bodily functions still working accurately with no assistance

November 24, 2012 – The tube that was in his nose to drain the bile off his stomach somehow miraculously came out on its own and they decided not to replace it!!!

November 25, 2012 – The first day since November 14, 2012 that my Dad called me on his cell phone. He told me he was doing better.

November 26, 2012 – Dad called me again and told me he was doing better. ….Told my mother to bring his robe from the house because he wanted to sit up in his bed.

November 27, 2012 – Dad called me again and told me he was still doing better

NOVEMBER 28, 2012 is the day we had been waiting for….They called me and put the doctor on the phone and the doctor said:

*Paula, I am resending the Hospice orders. Your Dad no longer needs Hospice Care. When he is discharged, he will be discharged as a regular patient from the hospital.

*I am removing all of the IV’s that have been in his neck

*His kidneys are functioning fine; as a matter of fact, better than I have seen them function in a long time and he does not need dialysis.

*We ran the tests and clinically there are no traces of pneumonia in either one of his lungs.

*His congestive heart failure condition is now stable.

*His blood is NO LONGER SEPTIC and all of his organs are functioning properly.

*The family will decide on the rehabilitation facility he goes to and when everything is cleared, he will be discharged.


I think I failed to mention they never gave him a discharge date because they did not expect him to live. They expected him to die in the hospital.

~Pookie P/ PSC


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